Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thank you!

I've been having great success with selling my "Chicks of a Feather" cardline! I wanted to take time to say a big thank you to my latest stores to sign on selling my cards! They are:

Annie's Garden-wonderful garden shop with live plants and gifts
Chatenbury Place- great spa and hair and nails
DeJaVu-A cozy womens retail shop
Laughin Ladies-A wonderful gift shop featuring artist works and also a studio for learning a new craft.
PJ's Gifts-Wonderful artists works
Rooms and Relics-Furniture, antiques and Treasures
Salon Paz-A trendy salon and boutique
Scraporium-A very extensive shop and studio of all things scrapbook
Robyn Story Designs-One of the most beautiful shops in Tampa Fl. filled with lots of goodies

Thanks so much to all. And I will be back out hitting the streets soon! This is fun! I have met some wonderful folks who have shared much priceless advice and information.

Oh and I have gotten some interest from some shops outside of the bay area lately so hopefully that will pan out. Currently looking for display racks. Have to search out sources. Let me know if you have good racking sources for greeting cards!

Hope this weekend finds you all healthy. Get out and enjoy!!!