Tuesday, January 11, 2011


To say I am passionate about my art career is an understatement. I have
every reason not to be though and here's why: I spent the first 20 or so 
years of my life, out of high school, as a dental assistant. It was a
means to an end, however boring it may have been.

I grew up in an artsy family and spent my entire childhood crafting,
mostly because it was my mother's passion! At age 25 I married and shortly
after, began having children. I was a Mom, wife and dental assistant.
Everything in my life was great. I was and am very blessed.

However, one day a friend talked me into taking a painting class. Although
I felt I didnt have time for it, I joined the beginner class anyway. I
carved out time for myself. And then it happened. As I spent time learning
how to paint, the use of color and texture and design, something very
serious happened. I fell in love. Not the love that you have for your
children or husband, but a constant feeling of desire. Desire to seek more
information, more knowledge. I would spend every free moment painting and
learning and reading about painting. I took every class I could afford. I
met every artist that was willing to share information with me. I joined
art groups and associations. I began to design my own work. I spent months
on perfecting my passion, painting collections. Collections of artwork
that worked together.

For every birthday, mothers day and Christmas I asked for anything related
to painting. And I continued to study and practice. I turned my dining
room into an eclectic art studio full of paint goodies! And then it dawned
on me. I had to quit dental assisting and begin to use my skills somehow.

At first I began faux finishing walls and painting murals. I became
somewhat well known in my area and began working with homeowners,
designers and contractors. I was successful! Making $500.00 a day. I did
it for five years, often booked 6 months in advance. Then I burned out
physically. I switched to painting on small canvases. I designed different
pieces and painted them meticulously, all the while still studying and
learning more! I designed one particular piece and sent it to a national
how-to-paint magazine and on my first attempt was published. I was
thrilled to say the least. That was the first time I truly felt like a
real artist.

And yet that was only the start. I began refining my art collections and
sending them to manufacturers of paper products, tableware and christmas
decorations. I was starting to get noticed. I found an art agent who
secured a contract for me with a major manufacturer. I worked hard on my
designs for a year to fulfil my art licensing contract. About one month
before the home decor line was to debut in Atlanta, my agent told me that
the manufacturer decided not to go forward with my work. I was devastated.

I closed the door to my studio and didnt paint for a year. It was a
terrible blow. It was a crushing of my spirit and soul. Something died in
me then. Gone for good.

But as passions do, my desire to create bubbled up from my inner being.
Slowly my passion caught fire again. I tried to deny it, but it was
impossible to do. I started to paint again. I got really serious again. I
couldnt squash it. It is my passion, my life, my sense of well being. It
is me. My inner self. My confidence. And so once again I began to
pursue my dream of becoming a licensed artist. I started to contact
companies again in hopes of landing another art licensing deal.

Lots of moments, days, weeks, months and years later I am finally on the
eve of a new art licensing deal with a collection I call "Inspired Ink". I
also self publish a greeting card line for women called "Chicks of a
Feather" that embraces women's passions, hobbies and interests. And I have
recently been approached by a rubber stamp company to license my designs
on rubber stamps.

I feel the ball rolling now. Downhill. Gaining momentum. At last. Finally,
on the verge. The verge of real success with my passion...creating art!

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


What will you do this week? I would like to sell 3 more orders of my Chicks of a Feather card line this week. I have a little roadblock though. Starting Wednesday is a little thing called MARKET in Atlanta. Market or the Atlanta Gift Mart is a destination for retail buyers to go and see existing and new product available for purchase wholesale to the trade only..

The "Mart" is three 30 story buildings in downtown Atlanta. These buildings house showrooms that pretty much every gift, jewelry and clothing manufacturers use to show and sell their wares.

So it opens on Wednesday and goes for about 10 days. And if you've never been in a word, it is FUN!

Anyway, my dilemma is that I do not have a showroom. I'm just a little guy out selling door to door. Lets see if I can get anyone's attention this week...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Thanks for the suggestions

My experimental blog has lots of people messaging me and texting me with great ideas. One idea that I am kicking around in my head is to settle on the charities that I want to donate to. Obviously anything that involves children is of utmost importance to me. My dear friend Susie reminded me about the importance of childrens autism causes and I also like the childrens cancer research and juvenile diabetes efforts.

I may divide up whatever money I raise and donate to all three. They all really touch my heart. I think when you know people whos lives have been touched by these challenges you really want to help in any way possible.

Please ask your friends to join my blog! I would be honored! Thanks everyone!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Good Morning

Remember in my opening blog that I said I would be making lots of mistakes here as I learn more about the blogging process. Well I didnt want to disappoint so here it is: Mistake #1. I should have stated in my initial writing that the cards that I am selling are available to the trade only. That means that you have to be a business to purchase them. Why??

The chain goes as follows: I sell wholesale to stores. They sell retail to their customers. If I sell directly to their potential customers I am competing directly with my customers, the stores I sell to. That would make my stores very unhappy.

So for those sweeethearts that have contacted me about buying my cards, I will soon be putting up a list of stores selling my cards so that you will have an outlet to buy them. And thank you, you all make my heart very HAPPY! I am so blessed to have such great friends!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well happy new year everyone. Today I am starting this blog for my artwork. On this blog I will share my progress on meeting my 2011 artistic goals!

My #1 goal: Sell 10,000 greeting cards from my Chicks of a Feather greeting card line.

My #2 goal: donate a portion of the proceeds to childrens charitable foundations to help ill and needy children. I will be researching such charities at the early part of January. 

So, please follow my blog to check my progress. I promise to be painfully honest in an attempt to hopefully inspire other artists breaking into the market of selling their art. And since I am a newbie at this, expect mistakes. But also expect that when I discover something new in the art world or in the tech world, I will share it! 

Happy New Year. Have a blessed year and stay tuned for more... http://www.karenlucchesedesigns.com/ thats my website!