Monday, January 10, 2011


What will you do this week? I would like to sell 3 more orders of my Chicks of a Feather card line this week. I have a little roadblock though. Starting Wednesday is a little thing called MARKET in Atlanta. Market or the Atlanta Gift Mart is a destination for retail buyers to go and see existing and new product available for purchase wholesale to the trade only..

The "Mart" is three 30 story buildings in downtown Atlanta. These buildings house showrooms that pretty much every gift, jewelry and clothing manufacturers use to show and sell their wares.

So it opens on Wednesday and goes for about 10 days. And if you've never been in a word, it is FUN!

Anyway, my dilemma is that I do not have a showroom. I'm just a little guy out selling door to door. Lets see if I can get anyone's attention this week...

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