Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well happy new year everyone. Today I am starting this blog for my artwork. On this blog I will share my progress on meeting my 2011 artistic goals!

My #1 goal: Sell 10,000 greeting cards from my Chicks of a Feather greeting card line.

My #2 goal: donate a portion of the proceeds to childrens charitable foundations to help ill and needy children. I will be researching such charities at the early part of January. 

So, please follow my blog to check my progress. I promise to be painfully honest in an attempt to hopefully inspire other artists breaking into the market of selling their art. And since I am a newbie at this, expect mistakes. But also expect that when I discover something new in the art world or in the tech world, I will share it! 

Happy New Year. Have a blessed year and stay tuned for more... thats my website!

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